25 Things To Do In The Last Month Of Pregnancy

Although conceiving is magical, by the time you reach the last month, you are exhausted. You need to wait, there are hardly any alone moments left for you. 

Hitting the 9th month of pregnancy is a major milestone as it brings in nervousness, excitement, anxiety all at once. 

Your little champ is getting bigger day by day and is shifting towards the pelvis. This brings in more space for you in the upper abdomen and you can comfortably breathe now. If you are only a few days far from the due date, here is what you need to start prepping to get ready for labor day and it has more than just packing your hospital bags!

1. Count your fetal movements

You need to keep track of your baby’s kicks, rolls, and twitches in the last month and get it checked by the doctor. If you find anything absurd, decrease, or disturbing in the baby’s movements, let your doctor do a brief check. 

2. Practice breathing exercises

Your doctor must have advised you to practice breathing already, but if you haven’t started yet, it’s high time now! Focus and take deep breaths until four counts. Breathe with your nose and back out with your mouth. When you do these in repetitions, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Know about your doctor visits and tests to be done before childbirth

During the last month, your doctor advises you to come for a check-up every two weeks and later once a week until the delivery date is reached. As you and your doctor get to know each other better by this time, you can ask for regular physical examinations, pregnancy tests, and ask about your concerns about labor and delivery.

4. Learn more about childbirth classes

Along with childbirth classes, you need to look for baby care classes that include breastfeeding teachings and infant CPR as well. Most of the reputed hospitals these days offer such classes for expecting parents where you can educate yourself before your due date.

5. Groom yourself for breastfeeding

If you have made plans to breastfeed your newborn, look for the best information sources now. Have conversations with friends who are nursing mothers, go through the internet, call your mother or any close family member who breastfed their kids in the past. The more knowledge you gain, the better you benefit from it. 

6. Relax

Training your mind and body to relax is going to benefit you in the long run. Staying relaxed during labor improves efficiency and eases the birthing process. Take some time alone and do what you like best, this keeps you relaxed and away from all the chaos awaiting you. 

7. Keep yourself active

Though it’s difficult to keep moving in the last weeks of pregnancy with recurrent back pain, nausea, sore feeling, exhaustion, strain, etc., you need to stay active and keep moving. Make a routine where you walk for a short distance every day or try some easy yoga asanas just to keep yourself fit. 

8. Meditate in the last days

Practice meditation in your third trimester as it helps soothe your central nervous system during labor and delivery. It also helps you calm down in the situation you are in with all the chaos around you. Mix deep breathing and meditation to reduce the pain and duration of labor.

9. Consult your chiropractor

Chiropractors are saviors, especially during the last days of pregnancy. If it’s any time to consult a chiro, it’s the last phase before childbirth. They help in adjusting your body in such a way that the pelvis gets aligned properly. make sure to plan so that you get a maximum of 2 visits before the due date. Pelvis alignment is important as it makes the passage easier for the baby when the time is up.

10. Choose your pediatrician wisely

Get some recommendations from family and friends of the best pediatricians in town. Confirm if the doctor accepts your health insurance, is available at your scheduled time, and has a clinic nearby. 

11. Organize your baby’s room and gears

This is definitely a good job that you can ask your partner to help with. Everything from strollers, cribs, swings, baby monitors, batteries, and bassinets, you need all of it in advance. Stressing on these items after childbirth is hectic, instead, plan and purchase beforehand. 

12. Chit chat with your baby

By this time your baby is listening to your conversations and every sound in the background. Making him acquainted with your voice is a great way to build a bond between you two. Try reading out books, newspapers, sharing your little wishes, if you feel odd talking with your bump.

13. Practice to manage labor pain

Like every woman has a different pregnancy experience and a different birth story, the pain in each one’s case is different too. Learn different options that are available during labor to minimize the pain or cut down the labor duration.  

14. Learn about the different labor stages

For the first-timer mommies, labor can go up to 20 hours or more. For women who have undergone vaginal birth earlier, the labor time decreases to 8 hours. The stages of labor have been divided into 3 stages. Know the labor stages so that you understand and be prepared for the same.

15. Know about the screening tests for newborn

A newborn baby has to go through several screening tests to check serious health conditions such as hearing loss, any heart diseases, or metabolic illnesses. These are the defects that can run lifelong if not tested and treated on time. Check for all the important screening tests that your baby needs right after birth.

16. Wash baby’s new clothes 

All the adorable and good-looking cute outfits that you purchased or received as presents, wash them all in the laundry. Make sure to use the gentlest fabric clothes or anything that comes in contact with the baby. Use the softest detergents specifically designed for babies and that is hypoallergenic.

17. Arrange helpers

Doing all the household chores along with managing a newborn baby is too hectic at times especially when you don’t have a helping hand. Look for help from your friends and family who would like to come forward and provide aid. 

18. Read about newborn care

By this time, you must have gone through the baby care books, and if not, do it now! The 3rd trimester is the best time to read all those baby care books where baby essentials are mentioned briefly by the experts. Make a big switch from reading pregnancy books to baby books to learn all that you can for managing a newborn at home. 

19. Pack your hospital bags

Most importantly, bring your health insurance, toiletries, two pairs of comfortable clothing, an outfit for your little one, mobile chargers, and go-to snacks to munch post-labor. You can also buy a candies box or a packet of sweets for the nurses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

20. Clean your house thoroughly

Before welcoming your baby, make sure you have your house cleaned properly. You can contact a housekeeper to help in finishing the cleaning work as well. This step is essential as returning from the hospital and finishing up the cleaning all by yourself along with taking care of your baby is going to be stressful. 

21. Stock up on personal and household necessities

To avoid visiting the stores several times with your baby, make sure you have 2 months’ stocks on everything from groceries, frozen food, medicine, toilet paper, sanitary pads, etc.

22. Take a small tour of your birth center or hospital

Getting familiar with your surroundings in advance can relieve you from the sudden stress and exhaustion during labor and childbirth. Take a tour of your hospital to get an overall idea of your surroundings and know the basic policies of the institution.

23. Look for the best baby names

If you haven’t jotted down a list of unique baby names for your minion, it’s the only free time you have to do it. Other than this quality time, you will hardly get any time to look for good names with meanings.

24. Stretching helps in increasing flexibility 

The last weeks of pregnancy get hectic as the body refuses to cooperate and in these times, stretching can take you out of this. It not only improves flexibility but also prevents muscle tightening and makes you feel relaxed.

25. Do not panic if your due date has surpassed

If you are worried that your due date has gone by and your baby is not ready to come out, it’s okay. 70% of deliveries surpass the due date given by the gynecologists and only 30% make it to the due date. Do not panic, stay calm and wait for the right time. Even the doctors won’t wait for more than two weeks past your due date and may induce labor or use other techniques to start labor or operate through a c-section.

There you go- 25 easy and most important things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy to get everything in order and ready before the D-day. 

Farha Naaz

Farha Naaz is a mother of a 10-month old baby.

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