Tips For Surviving The First Trimester At Work

Pregnancy experience differs from one woman to another but the first trimester is the same for almost everyone, exhausting, emotional rollercoaster, nauseating, and much more to the list. The stress and trauma related to the first-trimester pregnancy doubles especially when you are working. 

Most women will tell you their experience. All they wanted was to be on complete rest in their first trimester. But, if you are working, you won’t get that option.

From hiding the pregnancy bump in the initial weeks to instant food cravings, you know well. Here are some easy and effective tips for surviving the first trimester at work.

Do Not Disclose The Details

Women, in general, try to keep their pregnancy news under wraps for the initial 10-12 weeks. This time is delicate as you do not know if everything is okay with the baby or not. Disclosing the details with everyone is not a good idea, you can wait for few weeks until the doctors give a thumbs up about the baby’s wellbeing. 

Try Working From Home

Leaving the cozy bed and going to work is not a good idea in the initial weeks of pregnancy. You might wish to work from home or take a leave, but here is the thing: there will be days in the later phase of pregnancy where you would need to take off from work. Save the holidays! Some companies make their workers take a vacation after maternity leave but there is no such option in the early phase of pregnancy.

Find Your Secret Keeper Colleague

Everybody has a work buddy, and if your work buddy is genuinely close and affectionate and you are comfortable sharing top secrets with them, share your big news! Keeping a friend whom you can talk to in the office will help you share your happiness.

Take Your Lunch From Home

The first trimester is not that appetizing for every pregnant lady. Especially when you are working, you will not get enough food options to eat from at the office, better get what works for you. Hormones do play a tricky role in the early pregnancy period, make sure you bring ample food supply that can help you run the entire day. sometimes you might feel the food you are packing is too much for you to consume, but you might fall short at times.

Dress Appropriately

You might dream of wearing the most comfortable pair of baggy jeans and a t-shirt to feel relaxed and at peace but you can dress up as it will help enhance your mood. When do you feel more energetic? Wearing the most comfortable shorts with tees and lying down on bed watching the latest web series or dressing up and meeting friends? Of course, this needs a little effort to actually get down the couch and get dressed but it is all worth it. Just give it a try! 

Get Your Extra Sleep

You might feel exhausted at times and that can partially go if you have a good sleep pattern. To combat fatigue and tiredness in the first trimester, take proper naps in between your work. You can nap in between your lunch and brunch gaps. Put your head down on your desk to nap or you can nap in an empty room in the office.

Stay Away From Sensitive Odors

Your sensitivity to smell even the lightest deodorants would enhance during pregnancy. Staying in suffocating smelly environments for two minutes can be worse for you. Make sure to stay away from strong or effective smells to prevent nausea or headaches at the office. You can ask your friends who know about your pregnancy to keep you alert about strong fragrances. 

Follow these simple and effective tips for surviving the first trimester at work like a boss. Whether it’s your first baby or the fourth, the symptoms, and hormonal changes are the same. Make small changes in your surrounding and your lifestyle and enjoy the pregnancy to the maximum.

Farha Naaz

Farha Naaz is a mother of a 10-month old baby.