How to Bathe Your Baby- Baby Bathing Step-by-Step Guide

Betwixt the spattering water, bubbles, coos, and toothless laugh, bath time is the absolute time of the day to feel your baby’s skin and nurture your baby-mama love connection. Although, it is a bit stressful to bathe baby- newborn or toddler. Just be more careful and tub-time will become simple.

Bathing a baby is a real milestone. Cleaning the extra slippery, buttery smooth and always an emitting body of the baby is so challenging. For 6-months+ old baby, you can give them a bath twice a week. However, if your baby enjoys bathing, washing him every day will be no problem. 

Bathing your baby 2-3 times a week is good for the skin of the baby. But if you bathe her more than once a day, her skin will get dry. Make sure to keep your baby’s genital areas clean all the time. For newborn babies, 7-13 minutes is enough for the bath. Some parents use the soaking technique to relax the baby.

Use a small plastic bath or a simple kitchen sink to give a bath to your newborn baby. In his early few weeks, the Kitchen sink is the perfect choice of parents regarding bathing their infants. If the atmosphere seems cold, bathe him in a warm atmosphere like in a cozy room or a warm bathtub. Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby. Make sure to keep water away from the face. 

Assemble the Baby Bathing Products in the Bathing Area-

You’ll need,

  • Bathing tub
  • Bath thermometer
  • Bath toys 
  • Rinsing cup
  • Clean washcloth or sponge
  • Cotton balls
  • Clean Bath Towel
  • Diaper
  • Baby Soap and Shampoo
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Baby powder

Baby Bath: Bathing Step-by-Step

Step 1: Preparing Bathing Products for your baby

  1. Make yourself ready. Remove jewelry, roll up your sleeves that might hurt him while holding. Get a firm grip over the baby as it is a wet operation. Hold him well. Babies have a soft and slippery body.
  2. Get Bathing Supplies Ready. Never leave the baby alone in the bathtub, so, get all bathing products available near the bathing station, like, Shampoo, Soap or bathing gel, bathing toys, Soft towel or towel with hood, Washcloths or sponge, etc.
  3. Fill Bathtub with 7 cm (3 inches) level of warm water: The ideal temperature of the water should be 32 C and before putting your baby in the tub, remember to test the water by simply putting your wrists in water or using a bath thermometer.
  4. Add bath toys to make the bath more fun and enjoyable.
  5. Undress baby and also remove his diaper.

Step 2: Bathe Baby

  1. Slowly put your baby in Tub. Support your baby’s head and neck and put him into the water in such a way baby is comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Pour a cup of water quantity over the baby. At first, use a handful of water and pour it over his head and face.  Make him comfortable and let him play with bath toys. Before using soap, make sure to wet his body.
  3. Soak baby for about 5 minutes in lukewarm water at the desired temperature.
  4. Clean the eyes and earlobes with moist cotton balls to get rid of the residues collected there. Similarly clean his palms, in-between fingers and toes with cotton.
  5. Use Soap. Always use tear-free, mild soap, and shampoo for your baby. Using Shampoo is optional. Gently use a sponge and wash the baby. Apply Soap on his scalp. Always remember to clean your baby’s face with clean wet clothes so that soap will not hurt your eyes.
  6. At last, pour clean water gently over his head. Keep head in such a position that soap water doesn’t go in his eyes. Now wash his body well. Clean his ears face and hands gently.
  7. Wrap baby in a dry and clean towel.
  8. After gently drying his body use baby lotion or powder.

Step 3: Dressing and Diapering

Put comfortable clothes on your baby carefully and place diaper as he will be ready for good nap-time.

  1. It takes good practice to bathe your baby. Later, you will become an expert in cleaning him well. 
  2. Use baby lotion, powder, and rash cream after bath. 
  3. He might feel hungry after the bath, feed him well enough to ensure he will take a good nap. 

Baby Bath Tips-

  1. While bathing your baby make sure you keep your baby safe. Practice bathing safety tips. Watching bathing safety and cleaning videos on youtube may be of great help. Never leave your baby in the bathtub alone not even for a few seconds. 
  2. Make him enjoy the bath. Sing bath songs and play with him. Adding bubble and bath toys are always helpful.
  3. Cuddle him and wrap him in a warm towel. For your baby Wellbeing, you should maintain the hygiene of the baby with a healthy diet and a clean environment. 
  4. Use wipe tissue, wet clothes to keep him clean and fresh. Pour baby powder after every bath to make him feel pleasant.

How to Clean Baby Thoroughly- 

  • Ears: Clean outer parts of the ear of your baby with cotton balls and clean the ear wax that irritates him often. Don’t use cotton buds.
  • Nose: Use water to wash his nostrils so that he can breathe easily. Use baby nasal aspirator for thorough nose cleaning.
  • Eyes: Use moist cotton balls to clean his eyes corners and eyelids.
  • Face: Every time after feeding, wash his face as dirt accumulates more on the face. Use wipe tissue, wet cloth, or water to clean the face.
  • Nails: Don’t trim his nails until he becomes 2-3 months. Use a nail cutter with a magnifying glass to trim his nails.
  • Umbilical Cord: Take good care of his naval head. Use sterile cotton balls to keep it disinfected.

Bathe a Newborn Baby With Umbilical Cord

When you bring your little bundle of joy home from the hospital, giving him a sponge bath is always a safe idea. You need to be extra careful using water unless his umbilical fall off and belly button heal. 

  • Wipe his eyes, ears, face, toes, and entire body from front to back using a soapy solution. Then repeat the same steps twice or thrice with clean water until the body of the baby gets rid of the soap.
  • Wrap him in a soft clean towel.
  • Feed after sponge bathing him to make him go to sleep.

Baby’s First Bath

Your baby’s first bath is a special event. So, get the camera ready for this. To give a water-bath to the newborn, many hands are better than two. Newborns have a slushy and mushy body. Make sure his first water bath is after the umbilical cord has fallen off. So, bathing your baby 10-12 days after birth will be okay. Till then you should keep the nappy area clean, wash face and hands. 

  1. 5-7 min bath in water is enough for a newborn. Keep the optimal water temperature to 37 degrees celsius. 
  2. Use a soap solution and washcloth to scrub the baby gently. Pour clean water after you are done scrubbing. Use hands or small mug to pour water in small quantities.
  3. Wrap him in a clean soft towel. Scrubbing with a dry towel is not required.
  4. Diaper the baby immediately.
  5. You can use baby lotion and powder after the bath. This is completely optional.
  6. Feed him well to make him go to sleep.

It’s normal for infants to cry and wail during the bath. It doesn’t mean water temperature is not right or you are hurting the baby. They just react to the new environment or due to getting wet. Also, he is now don’t have mama snuggling him. So, nothing to worry about.

Some tricks like stroking gently on his tummy and caressing him. You can also try humming and singing to him in the bath. Soon, your baby will learn to bath and enjoy bathing.

Farha Naaz

Farha Naaz is a mother of a 10-month old baby.